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Innovative solutions for the success of your business venture. 

We are a DO TANK and support you on the way from thinking to doing.

Step by

Step by Step


At the beginning of your venture

You have an idea for a commercial project and don’t know exactly where and how to start?


In the setting up of your venture

You’ve already achieved the first steps and need support with the build-up?


When scaling up your operations

Already generating revenue and want to leverage more potential and achieve more scale?

In all these cases, we are at your disposal and will accompany you step by step.

Within the framework of the innovation fund of the MOA Foundation, you have the opportunity to receive financial support to start up your venture.

Areas of Activity

Areas of

We are neither a business service provider nor a consulting agency. We are doers.

We implement instruments and initiatives of the MOA concept. The MOA madeof.africa concept is designed to promote and give visibility, respect and fairness towards innovations, products, creations and economic as well as scientific ventures led or funded by African and Black people.

Logistics & Procurement

R&D and Production

Design & Marketing

Sale & Distribution

Operations & Certification

Medien & Workshops

Our Approach

Highlight what you’re made of

Unique and innovative solutions in support of Black and African entrepreneurs and to promote ventures held/run by African and Black people.

We don’t play the overpriced consultant, the old white know-it-all or the charitable helper in the implementation of your venture. 

We are doers and have gone through what you are currently experiencing. We work together with you to implement your venture from A to Z.

Why us?


We not only thinking creatively, but also provide innovative approaches, tools and instruments that will change the status quo for Black and African entrepreneurs and people. We fully understand that this is a complex and lengthy endeavor that centers on your ongoing growth.

and pragmatic

We are aware that our society is very complex and that the challenges faced by Black and African entrepreneurs and people are multidimensional. Therefore, we offer pragmatic, holistic and contextual solutions to address these challenges.

Yeras of

Our tools are based on reflections from experiences we gathered and lived in academia, so-called development cooperation, and entrepreneurship. We do not claim to know it all. Rather, we are happy to share our insights and knowledge with you, so that your path from thinking to doing is less bumpy.

Team with diverse

It’ s easy to talk loudly about how to take action to tackle unfair structures. However, what it really takes is the strategic and operational involvement of those affected, not only at the implementation level but also at the management and decision-making level – without striving to get the maximum benefit for oneself. This is exactly how we approach a common success with individuality in the team.

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