Areas of Activities as mandaded by the MOA Foundation

Innovative solutions for the success of your business venture. 

Areas of Activities as mandaded by the MOA Foundation

We have designed our fields of activity to be holistic and in line with the MOA concept

Our Core Activity

Our core activity is to support you within the framework of the certification with the MOA Label

Comprehensive support withing the framework of MOA Certified.

MOA Certified is an innovative international Quality Seal certifying innovations, products and creations of Black and African entrepreneurs. For consumers, it creates awareness and provides simple and reliable guidance. For entrepreneurs and products it creates more visibility, transparency and protects the originality of the performance. 

Our Support activities

For the sustainable dissemination of the MOA label and to support of the entrepreneurs before, during and after the  MOA certification we make use of the following secondary services

Consulting & Operations

Against the backdrop of a diverse society in which Black and African people in particular are underrepresented in many respects, we offer consulting services as part of MCO & Company.

R&D, Innovation and Networking

We offer support in the development of product formulations. Through Nentrepreneur we offer networking opportunities and a safe space for the launch of your enterprise. Via MCISC and MOA.Invest we bring together entrepreneurs and investors in sustainable investment partnerships.

Capacity Building and Workshops

In order for you to keep your skills up to date and to develop both professionally and personally, academoa and Nentrepreneur have designed a range of courses, training and coaching opportunities.

Production and Distribution

We not only support with the development of product formulations and sourcing of certified and verified ingredients, but also support in the finalization of your projects.

Using our strategic and sustainable sale instruments as well as sales measures and channels, we ensure that your products reach the right consumers. Not only here in Germany or Austria, but also on an international scale.

Logistics and Procurement

We offer our expertise in the procurement of certified and verified semi-finished products for the implementation and finalization of your project, including transport, import and export activities. We use different multi-channel solutions; if necessary, we also involve select external partner companies.

Design, Marketing and Comms

We jointly conduct a comprehensive analysis of your project, determine your needs, formulate concrete and measurable goals, jointly develop bundles of appropriate actions and develop the appropriate design package as well as the appropriate marketing strategies to reach your targets.

To achieve our mission of changing common perceptions and stereotypes through fact-based reporting, we make use of modern communication channels coupled with ingenious communication strategies.

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