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The MOA Enterprises Group is commissioned by the MOA Foundation to implement the initiatives and instruments/Tools withing the framework of the MOA Concept

Changing Perspectives

The MOA Foundation aims to create and generate frameworks for more visibility, Respect and Fairness for African and Black owned and operated innovations, products, works and economic and scientific ventures. In this context, the Foundation places Africa, Black and African people at the center of its activities without exoticizing and pitiful rhetoric and imagery.

The Foundation strives to create equal opportunities and to fight social inequalities and poverty in all its forms, in particular, but not exclusively, through the promotion of innovations, products, projects, works and economic and scientific ventures, run and held by African and Black people, and through the empowerment of Black and African people, regardless of their place of residence, age, gender, creed and origin.

But why all of that?

Africa and Black People are cool

Africa, Black people and African entrepreneurs offer much more than the stereotypical images and representations we experience every day.

The fact is that many people enjoy listening to Afro-pop or Black music in all its forms, use African patterns and designs for their products or advertise with Black models. The reasoning is that all of this conveys joie de vivre and is simply cool. Yes, that’s true.

Africa is modern! Africa is cool! However, if you try to buy modern fashion, cosmetics or food and drink products with an African touch – i.e. products made by Black people and African entrepreneurs – online or in an established fashion chain or drugstore, you can search for a long time.

THe MOA Foundation works to breack the chains and change these Perspectives.

Are you pursuing the same goals as the kadexi Group and do you share the vision of the MOA Foundation, there are many individual opportunities for cooperation. Please take a look at the fields of action of the MOA Foundation.

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